What is Physiokey?

The Physiokey uses high amplitude, high-density feedback-controlled pulse stimulation to the skin activating the body’s natural pain relieving and self-regulation mechanisms. It is a non-invasive neurostimulator for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and the improvement and restoration of function in optimal time with minimal if any undesirable side effects.


How does the Physiokey work?

The Physiokey delivers a damped, bi-phasic, sinusoidal impulse delivered through two fixed concentric electrodes. The device adjusts its output in response to changes in skin resistance or impedance. This means the physiokey is applied without the need for conductive gels, directly onto the patients skin. This advancement in treatment has a significant impact on the way neurostimulation can be delivered and subsequently on the results that can be achieved in the clinical setting.

The Physiokey device measures the nature of imbalances in the body by interpreting electrical resistance along the surface of the skin;

The Physiokey does this by sending small, very short duration electro-impulses via the skin to the brain that mimic the body’s nervous system. It is theorised that when the signal reaches the brain it begins a dialogue through the skin with the Physiokey device. Based on its readings, appropriate settings are entered, enabling the Physiokey to input electrical signals to the brain suggesting a state of homeostasis, a process which then stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. This is known as reflex biofeedback and allows the patient to feel immediate results.

This stimulation of the hypothalamus in the brain stimulates C type nerve fibres, triggering the release of neuropeptides, which include natural pain killers such as endorphins and enkephalins, as well as neurotransmitters like serotonin, affecting pain perception, mood, and sleep regulation.